Mater Christi Catholic Primary School Parents & Friends Committee 2021

President Lesley Pascuzzi
Vice President Kristie Ainsworth
Treasurer Jennifer Cotton
Secretary Vicky Hartill
Committee Members Tracey Richardson, Linda Corlett, Marina Hayward, Tracy Toh, Damien Amsuss.

2020 AGM reports:

President’s report
Treasurer’s report

Parents and Friends Association

book-saleThe Mater Christi P&F is an active part of the school community at Mater Christi. The role of the association is to work to maintain a strong sense of community through the positive relationships that exist between parents, students and teachers. We conduct a variety of events throughout the year with a primary role in ‘friend raising and fund-raising’.

The objectives of the Mater Christi P&F are to:

  • foster tangible and lasting relationships between parents, the principal, teachers and the parish in order to build positive school community
  • provide parents and families the opportunity to meet in a social, friendly and fun environment through various activities, guest speakers and community events
  • assist in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school through fundraising and community events
  • build effective channels of communication through which parents can keep in touch with what is happening at the school and encourages parental participation in school activities

We hope that parents will use the P&F as a forum through which they can share more actively in the life of the school.

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Monthly P&F Meetings

All parents are invited and strongly encouraged to attend the P&F Meetings. At these meetings we conduct the business of the association and all members of the school community in attendance have the right to participate in discussion and to vote should a decision by majority be required.

We hear from the Principal, who presents a report to the committee.

The P&F Board Representative reports on School Board matters which are of concern to the general school community.

The monthly P&F meeting is a forum providing parents with the opportunity to raise issues of concern, to discuss any relevant matters that benefit the education of the children and those which are of interest to the general school community.

Class Representatives

Each class has at least one parent representative. The purpose of this position is to assist the P&F committee to work and communicate effectively with the whole parent body, not just those able to attend monthly meetings. The Class Reps are available to raise issues on your behalf which relate to P&F matters. The Class Reps will advise parents of social or educational events and help organise informal class social gatherings for parents. Class Reps communicate via email or private Facebook groups for individual classrooms. Further information is available by contacting your Class Representative.

School Newsletter

The P&F has a section in the school newsletter, the aim of which is to keep parents informed on a weekly basis regarding our activities.

Bulletin Boards

The P&F notice boards in the junior courtyard and senior courtyard have a list of current committee members, information on current events, notices and information of interest.


Latest Agenda

MCCPS P&F Agenda 11 June 2021

Latest minutes

MCCPS P&F Minutes June 2021

Parents Business Directory

Currently under review. For a copy of the directory please email us

MCPS P&F Constitution

MCPS P&F Constitution 2019