Student leadership

student-leadershipStudent leadership is an integral part of the Year 6 learning program at Mater Christi.

Students are involved in leadership through participation in the Student Representative Council (SRC) as well as School Captain roles for Sports; Arts and Science.

The ten members of the SRC develop their leadership skills throughout by undertaking such activities as:

  • running assemblies and special events
  • organising free dress days and handing out birthday stickers
  • supporting environmental and recycling projects
  • collecting donations from the school community for St Vinnies
  • preparing and writing newsletter items and posters.

The eight Sports Captains take on leadership roles including:

  • organising fitness activities each morning
  • assisting in running the athletics, cross-country and swimming carnivals
  • assisting junior classes with umpiring
  • ensuring each lobby/ year group has sports equipment for their free play at recess and lunch.

A further four students are selected as Arts Captains (two for music and two for drama) and throughout the year:

  • lead the singing at assemblies
  • run the PowerPoint for liturgical singing
  • assist with the many and varied aspects of Mater Christi’s contribution to the Catholic Performing Arts Festival and performing arts activities throughout the school generally.

Two final students are recognised for their leadership qualities and are deemed Science Captains. They assist our dedicated science teacher in the science room by organising equipment and are actively involved in a range of environmental programs including looking after the earthworms and participate in waste wise schools activities.