visionCore Purpose: Making Jesus real in the lives of our students, our families and our staff.

Mater Christi Primary School, in the name of Mary, Mother of Christ, exists to give witness to the love of Jesus Christ as embodied in our Catholic faith.

As a faith community, we seek at all times to make Jesus real in the lives of our students, our families and our staff. We do this by modelling gospel values in our daily work. In particular, we strive always to demonstrate deep respect for the people we encounter. We have a close and supportive connection with our parish and our liturgies are dynamic and sacred opportunities to further strengthen each person’s relationship with Christ.

As an educational community, we nurture in every student a belief in their individual potential and commit ourselves to helping them achieve this while respecting and protecting the rights of each other. Students are at the centre of all our educational endeavours and are encouraged to be open to new learning experiences.

As a professional community, we are determined to make a difference to each student. We endeavour to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our students, marked by the active presence of Jesus. Our parents are our partners in all our endeavours. Relationships with families are marked by respect, courage and integrity. As a staff, we are loyal to each other and conscious that our professional lives set the tone for the school. We are clear in our purpose and priorities and each person takes personal responsibility for their unique role to ensure that we continue to grow.